Trending Now - Is Tinkering With Time Taking A Toll?

We all try to outsmart the clock by working late, traveling across time zones, or getting up before dawn.

But no matter what the clock on our wall says, the sun sets our internal body clock.

Our body releases hormones that naturally make us awake and alert with the sunrise and then tired when the sun goes down at night.

Doctors say if you stray too far from that natural pattern of the day's time, called the circadian rhythm, it will throw much out of whack within your body.

Experts say you have a higher risk of obesity, sleep disorders, diabetes and mental health issues.

And breaking the natural sleep routine affects performance too.

For instance there is evidence on the books that shows students who have an earlier school start time by just an hour perform worse academically than those students who started just an hour later, as it disrupted their natural circadian rhythm for the day.

This is certainly not welcome news to those of us who, for whatever the reason, have to get up well before the sunrise or stay up well after the sun has set.

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