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It's pretty automatic when we go online and type a web address into our browser we usually type in dot-com, right?  Well get ready. Big changes are coming this week that may affect what we type to get to some websites 

The easiest way to think about this this is think about the internet as a piece land.  

Well now there's a lot of new, vast, undiscovered land that has just been uncovered and the bidding process is just starting.

It's being called the internet land rush.  And the floodgates are about to open.

Right now, there are only 22 top domain names: think dot-com, dot-org and dot-net. Those last parts of the domain names control about 111 million internet addresses.

Well, it may be odd to hear but the internet is running out of space. Many names are already taken and businesses have to get clever to find a unique website name that suits them.

Well, enter in some new domain space up for grabs.  More than 1000 new domain names will come into existence tomorrow.

Anyone, anywhere will be able to purchase for a high price and create their own domain name.

The variety is key here too. New domains will be available in dozens of new languages.

This is not only a big change for internet users but it also has the potential to generate hundreds of millions of dollars in sales.

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