TRENDING NOW - How To Prep For A Holiday Storm


Hurricane Arthur is now the first hurricane of the season. So it's worth reviewing that there are there are two big things you can do now ahead of time that can really help -- monitor and preparation.

First and foremost, gather information ahead of time. Determine if you are in the track of the storm and stay up on the latest local advisories.

Next, you need to get to know your surroundings. This is especially important for anyone who may be visiting from out of town. Get familiar with evacuation routes for the area, scout out higher ground ahead of time, and find out if there are any levees or dams in your area that may be a hazard to you.

If you are a resident -- secure your home, cover all your home's windows, and bring in outside furniture.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency says that every family should have a communication plan. Make sure everyone has contact numbers, a charged cell phone, and numbers for a relative or friend out of state to notify if your family gets separated.

And for both residents and visitors alike, it's very important to have an emergency kit ready with food -- especially non-perishable items, medicine, water and supplies like flashlights, batteries and a radio.

And experts recommend having enough of these supplies to last for potentially 72 hours.

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