Trending Now: How To Have Great Communication With Your Child


Most days it goes something like this, a parent asks a child "how was school today?' and the answer is "fine." Kids sometimes make us work for the real story so here are some tips for getting the scoop.

Doctor Ron Taffel is a therapist who has written many books on this subject and recently published some quick tips in Time Magazine to assist with communication.

Try talking during the "in-between" time. Walking or driving to school, bath time or bedtime. Taffel says parents and children are often side by side during these moments, which can make kids feel more comfortable sharing details.

Pay attention and ask questions. we are all busy, but if your child is talking you need to be engaged and ask questions that will help him or her learn to communicate things like "so what did he say then?" or "what happened next?"

And you can also lead by example. The article in time suggests sharing your day, maybe you had an argument with a friend. Discussing that story in an age-appropriate way may get your child to open up about a similar experience.

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