TRENDING NOW - How To Get Through The Work Day On No Sleep

Sadly, we can't all take a mid afternoon nap during the workday but experts have a few suggestions that could help you make it through the day on little to no sleep.

These tips are courtesy of New York Magazine and at the top of their list -- stop hitting snooze. Those few more minutes don't help to restore sleep. The better option is to just set your alarm for the latest possible moment for getting up.

Also, make time for breakfast. Eating within an hour of waking up will boost your mood and cognitive performance.

If you're going to consume caffeine, be sure it's no more than 400 milligrams of it, or no more than four cups.

Then have a light and healthy lunch followed by another cup of coffee or tea.

And if the second dose of caffeine doesn't do the trick, go outside. Sleep behavioral experts say exposure to natural light can help you feel more alert.

Finally, power through the last stretch. The three to five o'clock stint is typically the hardest. This is when, experts say, you should knock out busy work like replying to e-mails, and some office house keeping, things that don't require as much focus.

But experts are careful to point out, that while these might help you get through the day, there is no replacing those seven to eight hours of sleep.

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