TRENDING NOW - How To Crave Healthy Snacks

A pilot study just published in the journal Nutrition & Diabetes states that changing your eating behavior might actually change how your brain reacts to high and low-calorie foods, like deciding to snack on carrots instead of cookies?

Researchers divided the participants of this study intro two groups. The experimental group was offered healthier meals for six months and asked to reduce their calorie intake by 500-1,000 calories per day. The meals of the control group were not adjusted.

The experimental group ended up loosing about 14 pounds, on average during that period.

Then, at the end of that six months, both the experimental and control groups were shown photos of healthy and unhealthy foods.

And MRI scans revealed that the low-calorie options, like a photo of a turkey sandwich, stimulated the brains of people in the experimental group compared to the usually appealing high-calorie foods, like french fries.

That was not the case for the control group.

Researchers concluded that while there is still more work to be done, they say that they are, "encouraged that the weight-loss program appears to change what foods are tempting to people."

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