Trending Now - Happy Birthday World Wide Web!

To celebrate how far you've come it's always nice to remember where you first started.

CNN-Money put together a list of some of the predictions for the web that never came to pass.

The first in 2004, Bill Gates said spam will be gone within two years. If you have an email address, you know this is not true and according to Greenview data, as of December 2013 68-percent of our incoming emails were spam.

Next and how's this for a bad guess? In 1995 Newsweek predicted that no one would ever buy anything over the web.

Many then didn't think the Internet would give us any practical applications and didn't think web-based retail would ever thrive without an in-person salesperson.

Now,  just consider how many times you've shopped online in the last year at places like Amazon and iTunes.

And lastly a prediction by the Columbia Journalism Review in 1995, said the web will mean the end of big brother.

Some argued, at the time, that the growing flow of online communication would make it impossible for governments and companies to control information.

Of course, the recent headlines about NSA's data mining program come to mind, as well as the practice of companies like Facebook, Google, and other tech companies of routinely gathering and storing massive amounts of data about their users.

So even at 25 years old, perhaps the web hasn't quite matured as much as some thought it would when it first started.

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