Trending Now - For Love Or Money? Moving In Can Save $$


Published 02/12 2014 12:38PM

Updated 02/12 2014 12:41PM

It may not be the most romantic thought but it is practical.  Moving in with your love may be a good financial move.

Shacking up with your significant other before marriage could save you lots of money.

The real estate website Trulia looked at the trade-offs in cost and they found that if both of you trade in your 1-bedroom apartments and opt instead for a 2-bedroom apartment together; no, surprise here, it will save you.

Nationally a 2-bedroom apartment costs 30% more but you two will still see 35-percent savings in rent together.  This of course varies state by state, so let's look at where living together makes the most sense:
The biggest discount you'll get by moving in together is in Sacramento, California where a 2-bedroom gives you a 40-percent decrease in rent.  That's compared to two 1-bedroom apartments.
Followed by:
Riverside San Bernardino, California at a 39-percent decrease
Las Vegas, Nevada also at 39-percent.
Baltimore, Maryland with a 38-percent decrease.
And San Diego in the fifth spot with a 38-percent decrease as well.

And the decrease is the smallest in New York and Dallas, Texas where the savings is only 30-percent.

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