TRENDING NOW - Feeding The Football Frenzy

Watching football on TV this season is no different from any other. It's plagued by NFL exclusivity contracts which means you might have to fork out some extra cash to catch some of your favorite games.

If you had free, network TV, you were able to catch superbowl champs, the Seattle Seahawks beat out the Packers in the NFL season opener on Thursday night.

Usually you have to pay for the NFL Network channel if you want to watch a Thursday night game. Not this year at least for some games

For the first time CBS and NBC will carry Thursday night football from September 11th through October 23rd.

And this year, some of you can also expect a break on the fees if you want to watch a game on the go. Verizon customers usually have to pay five bucks a month to stream Monday, Thursday and Sunday night games but not this year.

The carrier is scrapping the fee, plus you can also watch local-market games on Sunday afternoons for free as well.

Finally, if you can't spare the three and a half hours to watch a game, ESPN and Direct TV offer streaming options and NFL Network subscribers can watch a game condensed into roughly 30 action-packed minutes.

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