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Facebook may really be killing our restraint for all sorts of indulgences. A new study shows the longer we're on it, the less self-control we have.

This study was done by researchers at Columbia University and the University of Pittsburgh and found that people who spent more time on the site have:

less persistence in their next task following their time on the site
are more likely to overeat
and here's a big one, were more likely to spend money -- leading to a higher credit card balance and a lower credit score

Why? The researchers say that it's all about Facebook lowering our self-control.

They found that Facebook makes people happy because it makes them feel better connected to friends and family and improves self-esteem.

And when people feel good, researchers say that they let their guard down and self-control fails.

For example, they found that people really let their guard down on their spending after being on Facebook for awhile more splurges were reported. So, if those people went to an Ebay-type auction site, the study found they were more likely to bid 20 percent to 30 percent more than they would have otherwise.

The researchers said it looks like just four or five minutes on Facebook can chip away at our self control.

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