TRENDING NOW: Ebola Patients Released - Is There A Risk?

It's a question everyone is asking.

Doctors have declared them free of the virus.

And one of the patients who was released, is saying this is nothing short of a miracle.

To put it into perspective, Dr. Brantley and Nancy Writebol are the first known Ebola patients to be treated in the US.

It was almost three weeks ago that Dr. Brantly arrived at emory university.

Missionary Nancy Writebol arrived just days later.

The two patients were treated with an experimental drug Zmapp, but doctors say they do not know whether it made a difference.

There is no known cure for ebola.

Doctors say the two patients are virus free-- but Writebol's husband says lingering effects from his wife's battle had left her in a weakened condition.

Medical experts believe surviving Ebola means you're immune to future infection.

Doctors maintain they're confident the discharge of the two patients poses no public health threat.

They say it was a learning experience that can help advance the world's treatment of the virus.

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