Trending Now: Easing Aches And Pains Of Marathon Running


If you've ever run a long distance, you'll know exactly what hurts. Your legs begin to scream at you and the running becomes a battle between physical pain and emotional will.

The Wall Street Journal is out with some medical tips for those sore muscle sufferers. 

First of all, it is perfectly normal. Running a long distance can create micro-tears in muscles  and spasms. But what to do when the pain hits you say at mile 18 of a 26-mile journey? 

There is one interesting recommendation in the article, pickle and cherry juice. Running a marathon obviously burns fluids and salts and most folks grab a sports drinks. Although those have electrolytes, something like pickle juice has incredibly high levels of sodium. Although you are not likely to find it passed out during the race. Pickle juice has reportedly been used in the NFL during extremely hot weather.

As for cherry juice, it is rich in antioxidants which combat muscle inflamation. The journal reports that it could be viewed as a sort of natural alternative to ibuprofen.

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