Trending Now - Distracted Walking On The Rise

Are you guilty of distracted walking?  Have you bumped into other people while walking and texting?  Do you remember the woman who fell into a fountain at a mall while she was texting?

Well, don't laugh too hard, because a recent report from pew found that more than half of cell phone users have been affected by distracted walking -- either you bumped into someone, or someone bumped into you.

All because we're so fixated on those 5-inch screens.

Researchers at the University of Washington spent time observing more than 1,000 pedestrians and they found that nearly one of every three people was distracted by a cell phone as they walked across high-risk intersections.

Texters were less likely to look both ways, or obey traffic lights -- that's definitely not safe!

Now, take that information and put it together with this. Ohio State University looked at hospital records and found that injuries from walking and using a cell phone more than doubled between 2005 and 2010.

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