Trending Now - Diet Soda: Time To Put It Down?


It seems we've been cautioned before and here's another thing older women may want to consider - a new study suggests drinking diet soda regularly may lead to heart disease

The study was presented at the American College of Cardiology's annual session. It looked at nearly 60,000 healthy women age 50-79 who did not have a history of heart disease when the study started.

Researchers compared women who never or rarely drank diet sodas and women who had two or more diet drinks a day.

About nine years later, they found the women who regularly drank these drinks were 30 percent more likely to suffer cardiovascular problems and 50 percent more likely to die from heart-related disease.

The American Beverage Association responded to the study saying that there's no causation, "this study's actual results do not show that drinking diet beverages causes cardiovascular events among any population."

Experts say it is the largest study to look at the relationship between diet drink consumption and cardiovascular issues.

But the study's lead investigator says it's too early to tell people to change their habits based on this study. He noted that they only found an association, so they can't say that diet drinks cause these problems. he noted that more research is needed.

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