TRENDING NOW - Congress And The Immigration Crisis


On Capitol Hill, two Texas lawmakers have just unveiled bipartisan legislation to try to solve this problem but the path forward for this bill is far from certain.

This new legislation comes from Republican Senator John Cornyn and Democratic Congressman Henry Cuellar, both from Texas.

The bill would modify the existing law by removing the requirement that all unaccompanied minors, not from Mexico or Canada, get a mandatory hearing before an immigration judge before being deported.

Their bill meets some Republican demands for a quick return of most young immigrants to their home countries.

It also meets some democratic demands too. It would allow children who are victims of human trafficking or have a credible threat of persecution to appear before an immigration judge to seek asylum.

On Capitol Hill there are still sticking points though, over how much to spend and the broader issue of who gets deported and how fast.

Congress has just three weeks until summer recess -- but so far, this bill has no Democratic sponsors in the Senate, so it remains to be seen if it can gain political traction as pressure mounts on lawmakers in Washington to do something.

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