Trending Now- Chocolate Increasing Your Productivity


This doesn't sound like the craziest theory out there.

Happy people work harder.

And apparently a little chocolate could go a long way in the workplace.

This study was done by economists at the University of Warwick.

The findings apparently show that giving people chocolate and showing them videos of stand up comedy, raised their productivity by close to 10 to 12 percent.

Here's how it worked: over the course of several years, the team recruited more than 700 participants to do math problems.

One group was given chocolate or fruit, or watched comedy videos before starting the test.

While the other was shown a placebo video and given no food.

The findings: the first group did better overall, on average answering 2 more questions correctly than the second group. Follow-up tests showed the reverse is true as well, finding that subjects who recalled recent tragedies in their lives were less productive. Bottom line: unhappy workers aren't as productive as happy ones and might not perform at the same level or as well.

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