Trending Now: Breaking Your Junk Food Addiction

The experts have a few tips when it comes to doing a little "spring cleaning" of what you eat. Specifically, for cutting out the junk food.

Try keeping a journal of what you eat and when and you'll see lots of patterns right away.

It's important to note: There are lots of websites and apps, like myfitnesspal.Com, that will calculate salt intake and fat calories for you. 

Apparently, a fondness for salt or sugar is a learned taste, so you can unlearn it as well. 

If you don't have time to prepare meals, apparently that's not a good enough excuse to turn to junk. 

Experts say some of the healthiest meals have the fewest ingredients and shouldn't take too long. 

And, one last thing to keep in mind; everything in moderation. You can still enjoy the occasional treat.

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