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Peanuts, popcorn, cracker jacks, not to mention parking and programs.

When you go to the ballpark things really add up and this year it's more expensive than ever to cheer on your home team.

According to a report by "Team Marketing", more than half of MLB teams raised general ticket prices this year.

The average ticket price across the league rose two-percent this year -- to nearly 28 dollars.

That means, for a family of four, it will cost more than 110 dollars to cheer on their favorite team and that's only for the tickets.

And who can resist a little food at the ballpark? If you throw in four hot dogs and two beers, you will fork over more than 140 dollars, on average.

Add a few soft drinks, parking, a program, and a couple baseball hats on top of that and the total average price to take your family to the game -- more than 210 dollars.

So where are the most expensive places to enjoy the american pastime?

Sorry Boston fans -- tickets to see the Red Sox play are the most expensive in the league. An average ticket will cost you more than 52 dollars each.

The New York Yankees, Chicago Cubs, Philadelphia Phillies, and San Francisco Giants round out the list as the top five teams with the most expensive tickets.

But Miami Marlins fans will pay the most for a beer -- at eight dollars a pop -- and Boston Red Sox, Philadelphia Phillies, Chicago Cubs, Minnesota Twins and San Francisco Giants fans will all pay seven dollars or more.

By comparison, San Diego Padres fans will pay the least for their tickets this year -- at just over 16 dollars, on average.

And the overall, least expensive team to support, according to the report, Arizona Diamondbacks. It costs only about 18 dollars on average for a ticket -- and a beer is only four dollars.

The increases across the board are in line with past years. The average price to see a MLB game has been slowly rising nearly every season.

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