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A little humor is good in most workplaces, right? Well it's a slippery slope on April Fools Day. You don't want to go too far to get a good laugh.

AOL Jobs reports that according to a national survey by the recruitment firm, the creative group, April Fool's jokes are frowned upon in some workplaces.

In fact, 68-percent of advertising and marketing executives say pranks are inappropriate in the office.

But if your office is up for a little laugh, play it safe with these tips from AOL Jobs:

Don't be a bully -- don't single someone out to pick on them.

Don't cause permanent damage -- people take work seriously. Don't make the prank something that will affect your office too negatively.

Don't do anything offensive -- think about your office standards of conduct. Don't make fun of anyone due to race, religion or sexual orientation.

And lastly, know your audience -- before pulling the prank, think twice. Is your office one where pranks are common and it will be a welcome distraction -- or quite the opposite where it wont be as well received?

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