Talking To Teens About Peer-Pressure In College

Belinda Palacios with Cal Farley's Boys Ranch has tips on talking to your kids before college.

Be Aware Of:
- Binge Drinking
- Drug Use
- Peer Pressure
- Date Rape
- Sexual Assault

According to Palacios, campus sexual assault is on the rise. The majority are male against female crimes however, it can happen with female against male, female against female and male against male. One in five college women report some sort of sexual assault while in college.  75% occur when the victim and/or assailant have been binge drinking. Palacios says binge drinking is a huge part of this problem. Kids may be drinking for the first time, and experience impaired judgment and decreased inhibitions. She says a large number of sexual assaults occur when the victim is passed out from drinking. 

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