Pythons: Fueling a Fashion Trend?

(WFLA)  Designer Camille Zarsky believes she has a way of taking one of Florida's most notorious pests and turning it into a work of art.

"Python is incredibly popular right now," she said. "It's hands-down the most popular exotic in the market."

It's happening at a time when the Burmese python is making headlines in south Florida. The Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission considers them an invasive species that pose a threat to endangered birds and others native to the state.

"We don't really know how many pythons are out there but it's probably in the thousands, if not tens of thousands," said Gary Morse, Public Information Coordinator for FWC. "I wouldn't call pythons in Florida a silver lining to a cloud at all...would never go that far. But there may be an opportunity to harvest these things commercially." 

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