Potato Salad Kickstarter Raises $55,000


Published 08/04 2014 11:00AM

Updated 08/04 2014 11:03AM

A fundraising campaign that started as a joke has gone well beyond its $10 goal.

An ohio man raised more than $55,000 after saying he wanted to make potato salad for the first time.

Zach Brown started a crowdfunding effort on the website "Kickstarter" to raise money to whip up his first potato salad.

The campaign turned into a social media phenomenon.

By the time the campaign ended on Saturday, he had raised more than $55,000.

Nearly 7,000 people contributed, about half of them giving less than $3 each.

Brown made a promise to people who gave more money; he offered them a bite.

He now owes 3,300 people some of his potato salad.

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