Plan Your Vacation

By Chris Clackum

Published 02/24 2014 12:33PM

Updated 02/24 2014 12:36PM

Cooped up inside, away from what this winter's been producing, Americans have obviously been busy planning summer vacations.

Online vacation-home giant reports over 40-percent of its properties already have reservations for either June, July or August. 

They advise travelers to book now. 

"Particularly if you're going, if you're traveling in high demand areas during peak periods," said Eric Horndahl of

Those peak periods always include the first few weeks when the kids get out of school and when vacation spots fill up first. 

"I don't think it's too early to start thinking about summer travel. It's good to start getting a read on what prices are, airline prices in particular," said Jeanenne Tornatore of Orbitz. 

Travel experts say prices aren't likely to get any better than they are now.
Just try to insure you're getting the most for your money.
They also say many vacation destinations aren't just specific to one season. 

Also helpful to know, online travel site Kayak says summer travel is much cheaper in August than June or July.

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