Idol Hopefuls Take Over Don Harrington Discovery Center

The American Idol Bus Tour is in town looking for the next superstar.

Auditions started at nine this morning. But, people started lining up much earlier.

They got off to a soggy start this morning forcing producers to change direction.

Auditions were supposed to be in the parking lot but because of the rain, they moved it indoors.

By five o'clock this morning, more than a hundred people had already lined-up. Many prepared to stick-it out through the showers.

By the time daylight hit The line had swelled to nearly a quarter of a mile.

We spoke with the first person in line at 5 a.m. and the last person in line just before nine.

Idol officials won't tell us much about who is moving on to Kansas City but, we know some are.

Here's how we know. When contestants go in, if we don't see that person for awhile. There's a pretty good chance they're filling out paperwork for the next round.

That was probably the case with a disabled veteran who producers were talking about after seeing him sing during a live interview with us early this morning.

From here, the American Idol Tour Bus rolls into Branson, Missouri.

They depart just as soon as the Amarillo Auditions are complete.

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