HOLLYWOOD MINUTE: JK Rowling Lights Up Girl's Life

Bad news for some Rascal Flatts fans.

The band announced Wednesday they are canceling upcoming shows in Idaho, Washington state and Canada.

The cancellation is due to the unforeseen illness of lead singer Gary Levox.

In a statement, band member Jay Demarcus said in part, "The schedule of shows this past weekend.... have left him without a voice...We promise to return as soon as we can..."

Robert Redford is suing the state of New York.

The actor claims he is being overtaxed on money his company made when it sold off a stake of the Sundance Channel.

The veteran actor is being taxed $1.6 million by New York on the money made on the sale.

But Redford, a Utah resident, says he paid taxes on the revenue in Utah.

He is asking for a judgement that says he doesn't owe the money, plus attorneys' fees and costs.

J.K Rowling brings a little light to a dark time.

The author sent a personalized handwritten note, written in the voice of Harry Potter character "Dumbledore," to shooting survivor Cassidy Stay.

A gunman killed Cassidy's parents and siblings in Houston last month at the memorial, the brave 15-year-old said this, "Dumbledore says happiness can be found even in the darkest of times,...If one only remembers to turn on the light."

Rowling also sent a signed copy of the Prisoner of Azkaban.. among other things.

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