Gender And Race-Changing Comic Superheroes

Overwhelmingly, the number of super heroes are white. That's just a fact, but it's also a fact that we're dealing with a business. If businesses want to attract more people of color, you may want to start creating superheroes or characters that reflect those people that you're trying to attract. The question is, does it work? The answer is, not always.

Captain America, that World War Two hero, he transformed into a super hero.

Well, he's transforming again. This time Sam Wilson aka The Falcon, is African American, and he will take over the role.

And then there's Thor, the blonde muscle-bound hyper-masculine norse god will now be a woman.

She will be wielding the hammer, her name will still be Thor.

We've already seen what happened to spider-man, peter parker, he's now miles morales, who is bi-racial, black and hispanic.

And don't forget Nick Fury, he's played by Samuel L. Jackson in the Avengers.

He went from white to being black.

And then there's Miss Marvel, they switched her from being white to a Pakistani American Muslim.

Now some people will say if you check out any number of these comics you'll find that super heroes are going through all sorts of dramatic transformations. Some are coming back from the dead, they're being put in suspended animation. This most recent issue of Captain America, he's traveling through time. So they say what's the big deal if you change up a character's race or gender?

"I think female characters are a little under-represented in comics. So I think it's a good thing for the industry to change it up a little bit."

"As a half-black, half-Puerto Rican male, I'm all for it."

Well not on board with this are the traditionalists or the purists, who say whether its Superman here, we also have Flash or Batman, these characters should remain the way they're created.

"There's just certain super heroes, you just can't change them."

"You gotta create five new Asian X-Men because there aren't enough. To me that's not the purpose of a good comic."

If comic book creators or studios are really committed to diversity, just create new diverse characters or super heroes rather than rebranding some of the ones that are already here.

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