From Fighter Pilot To Reporter

SAN DIEGO -- NBC has teamed up with the US Chamber of Commerce in an effort to get unemployed veterans back to work. 
"Hiring our Heroes" kicks off this week across all NBC network, cable and internet partners. 
Veterans bring an array of experience to the workplace, including the ability to adapt. 
As just one example, former Navy fighter pilot Lea Sutton is now a successful digital journalist in San Diego. 
Sutton faced many challenges during her 12 years in the Navy, and she faced yet another when she embarked on the next chapter in her life. 
"There was a little bit of fear when I was leaving behind the career that was pretty well set out for me but it was more exciting than anything else," she says. 
She's is now a military reporter for NBC station KNSD in San Diego. 
Journalism is a dream that developed after the tragedy on 9-11. 
She says through her service she developed a passion for journalism and she knew her life's mission had changed. 
"What I realized is so many people were talking about the military, and what we were doing but so few of them in journalism had served in the military, and it's a lot different perspective when you are the one responsible for firing a weapon than it is when you are just there to report on them," Sutton explains. 
She believes the navy prepared her for her new career. 
She says employers need to know that veterans come to table with a skill set that delivers success no matter the circumstances. 
"You are expected to take on a new job, a new assignment every three years, so we really are programmed to hit the ground running in any field, to just be able to jump in and learn a new trade and do it well," Sutton says. 
From flying with other pilots to reporting on our nation's budget crisis, Sutton uses her experience daily as a platform to educate viewers about life in the military. 

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