Chief For a Day

(KCWY)  An inoperable brain tumor inspired 5-year-old Dorian Layton to make a bucket list.

"Meet the chief of police" and "ride in a police car" topped the list.

When Casper, Wyoming Chief of Police Chris Walsh heard of Dorian's wish he had a better idea.

Walsh held a press conference to swear in Dorian as the new chief, along with his 9-year-old brother Julian as a captain. 

"A little overwhelming, I think I'm a little emotional today, but its amazing," said Krishelle Layton, Dorian's mother.  "It's amazing how Chief Walsh and the whole department have made Dorian feel very welcome, and especially Dorian's older brother Julian."

While meeting with detectives Chief Dorian and Captain Julian learned of a criminal on the loose. They came up with a plan and caught the bad guy, who was breaking into cars behind City Hall, handcuffed him and hauled him to the Natrona County Detention Center. 

"It's amazing, and it's very humbling so we're thankful everyday," Layton added.  "But more importantly he doesn't like to leave people out and he likes doing good things for other people. As he's accomplishing his bucket list he's also turning some of those opportunities into ways he can help other people."

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