BIZ: Kim Kardashian's Golden Game!

Kim Kardashian has seemingly built on empire on doing nothing and mobile gamers are paying $700,000 a day to do the same.

"Kim Kardashian: Hollywood" is an app game from GLU Mobile

That has quickly become one of top 5 downloaded in the apple store.

The obejective move up the ranks of virtual Hollywood and acheive a-list status.

While the download is free, players spend real money on things like virtual clothes, hairstyles and energy boosts.

And boy are they spending.

If sales continue at their current rate the game will gross $200 million dollars its first year.

That puts Kim's game at the same smash-hit levels of Candy Crush.

And Kim isn't the only one reaping the benefits.

Shares of gamemaker GLU Mobile have soared more than 45% since the app's June launch.

And made $50 million in sales last quarter.

The CEO said that the game has broken its record for single-day revenue.

So will "Kim Kardashian: Hollywood" continue to dominate?

It's impossible to predict.

But as the mobile game market expands, "Hollywood" seems to have found the key to success: Getting people to spend money within the game that they downloaded for free.

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