Thousands Enroll in Summer Reads

- Flipping pages for prizes. That's the concept behind Amarillo Public Library's Summer Reading Program.

"What it does is it encourages people to just keep reading over the summer," Stacy Clopton Yates, with Amarillo Public Library said. 

For every ten days you read and mark on your calendar, you earn a prize.

It's not just for kids, teens and adults can sign up too and there are events for all age groups.

Clopton Yates says the summer is off to a great start.

"As of nine o'clock on Tuesday evening, we had over 3,500 people who had already signed up for Amarillo Reads in the summer. That's readers of all ages. Taking advantage of the fun programs, also the incentives. To keep reading. Keep using your brain over the summer," Clopton Yates said.

Using your brain is what this summer's theme is all about.

"This summer is all about science. So from learning how to put together tornadoes in a bottle, to do our Rube Goldberg machine workshops. We have a magician coming out as a basis for the science of magic. So it's been really really cool," Amanda Hope Shelburne, Assistant Coordinator of Youth Services said.

A cool way to have fun and use your brain this summer.

You can sign up at any library location. The program runs through June and July.

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