Thornberry Wins Primary Election

Longtime Congressman Mac Thornberry will have two challengers in November.

If Thornberry wins in the general election as expected, he's the front runner to chair the Armed Services Committee.

Congressman Thornberry is in Washington, D.C., so we didn't speak with him in person.

We were able to get him on the phone.

Fifth generation Texan, Panhandle Congressman Mac Thornberry has now been a member of the US House since 1995.

He is currently the vice chair fo the House Armed Services Committee.

Even though the election wasn't a close one, you may remember, it's unusual for the congressman to have a challenger, let alone two,.

We asked Thornberry if he believes the gridlock in Washington may have anything to do with his competitors.

He tells us he believes it does.

Thornberry says frustration from the Obama Administration, and not being able to accomplish more in Washington has many frustrated.

We asked Thornberry what he has in store for 2014.

He tells us, " look what's happened in Ukraine, terrorism, and other things.  So obviously a lot of my focus is on national security issues. That includes Bell and Pantex. And so that will continue to be my focus."

On military budget cuts, he says dropping troop levels to a 74 year low, proposed by the Pentagon comes with risk.
He says just pure manpower, whether it's Army or Marine Corps, it's a key part of our security. 

If you'll remember, in January of this year, the House approved the Farm Bill.

The one trillion dollar bill expanded crop insurance for farmers over the next decade. 

Congressman Thornberry voted for that Farm Bill extension.

This is Congressman Thornberry's 20th year in the US House of Representatives.

He'll face Democrat Mike Minter and Libertarian Emily Pivoda in November.

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