Thornberry Speaks On Gov. Perry and Airstrikes in Iraq

Texas Governor Rick Perry can continue traveling the country and gearing up for a possible 2016 presidential run despite being indicted on two felony counts of abuse of power after a judge decides not to issue a warrant for his arrest.

Governor Perry was indicted by a Travis County grand jury on two felony counts, allegedly for trying to force a district attorney to resign after getting a DWI.

The indictment alleges he used a veto threat to withhold state money to the Public Integrity Unit that the district attorney ran.  

During a Wichita County Republican Women's luncheon on Monday afternoon, 13th District Congressman Mac Thornberry addressed the issue.

He says the Travis County office has a history of political indictments but an appellate court has thrown them out.

Thornberry says he's sure it will eventually happen in this case.

"I hope the folks in Austin get this office under control because they obviously have a political agenda against republicans and that's not what we need in politics from either party," Thornberry says. 

The indictment is a first of a sitting governor in Texas since 1917 and if convicted, he could face a maximum of 99 years in jail.
After U.S. air strikes continued to pound ISIS targets on Monday, Iraqi officials say Kurdish and Iraqi forces are close to regaining control of the facility from militants.

There were more than 20 air strikes over the weekend, and those continued on Monday. 

As the fighting rages on, ISIS militants are being pushed away from the dam and towards Mosul, the city that they still control.

Texoma Congressman Mac Thornberry is speaking out about the airstrikes and says so far he's not heard of a plan that will change the dynamics of ISIS and the threat the terrorist organization poses to the United States.

"It was clearly a mistake to get all our people out of Iraq, to allow their armed forces to deteriorate and allow ISIS to go from basically nothing, to the best financed, best equipped, best trained terrorist organization that's ever existed," Thornberry says.

While Thornberry says he doesn't oppose tactical airstrikes, he wants the Obama Administration to do something that is going to make a difference. 

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