"They Never Saw This Coming"

(NBC News)  Witnesses to Wednesday's stabbing spree at Pennsylvania's Franklin Regional High School say the lone suspect, Alex Hribul, slashed his way through the school's halls with no expression on his face.

Hours later, he left court the same way, but in shackles, charged with attempted homicide and aggravated assault.

His attorney asked for a psychiatric evaluation to see if Hribul is competent to stand trial and insists the family had no warning.  

"They are puzzled, they never saw this coming, never saw it coming," said attorney Patrick Thomassey.  "This is not a dysfunctional family.  These are two parents who were very much involved with their son everyday."

Earlier, Hribul's father spoke with reporters.

"My prayers go out to everyone who was injured today and I hope they recover as quickly as possible," he said.

22 students were injured in the attack; four remain in critical condition.

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