The Small Business Administration Now in Fritch

Those who lost homes or businesses in the Fritch Fire, will soon have financial assistance.

The Small Business Administration is  setting up an office in Fritch.

They'll offer federal disaster loans to those affected by the fire.

They plan to open the office next Wednesday at 9:00 a.m.

Located in the City Hall Annex Building, this office will offer loans for homeowners and business owners alike.

Homeowners can receive loans up to $200,000  to repair or rebuild their homes.

Businesses can receive up to $2 million in loans for repairs and loss of inventory.

Homeowners and leasers can receive loans up to $40,000 for loss of property.

As for the type of property damage accepted for the loans, that varies.  

Public Information Officer Gary Colton says, "personal property is furniture, clothing, kitchen utensils, appliances, even a personal automobile if it wasn't fully covered by insurance."

The SBA is opening up the office, at a request by Governor Perry.

The governor made the request shortly after declaring a state of disaster in Hutchinson County.

The disaster loans will not be given out to victims of other fires around the high plains, it's only for those affected by the Hutchinson County fire outside of Lake Meredith.

The office will be open May 28 through June 12. 

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