The End for the Varsity Theatre

- CANYON -- A Canyon landmark is closing its doors for good.

        After more than 65 years in Canyon, the Varsity theatre is going out of business.  Improving technology may be to blame.

        As we first told you in January, the Varsity was limited in the movies they could show because they operate on film while more and more of the industry is going digital.

        Varsity owner Garry Cathey says he has been limited in the movies he can bring-in and that's not enough to keep it sustainable.

        Some residents say they're more than willing to man a paint brush or whatever it takes to keep it open.  But, the owner says that probably won't be enough.

        Cathey says even if groups managed to raise thousands of dollars to help keep it open, he doesn't own the property, so, there's not much he can do.
        There is some good news.  Residents will get a chance to say their goodbyes.  The Varsity managed to land two new movies to show before they close-down April 30th.

        The Varsity Theatre opened on September 20th 1948.

        Once it shuts down, Canyon will be the largest town in the panhandle without a movie theater.

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