The Cleanup Begins

- FRITCH -- Now that residents are being allowed into the burned-out areas of Hutchinson county, the clean-up process begins.

        Question is, where are they going to put all the debris?

        The fire marshall estimates somewhere between 100,000 150,000 square yards of debris are lying in and around the affected areas.

        Everywhere you go through the Double Diamond area, mounds of debris is what you'll find. 

        Several debris removal teams will be combing through the area over the next few weeks but, the Fritch landfill may not be able to handle it all.

        That means they'll have to pay to move it elsewhere.

        "A more expensive option is that we have to get these large roll off boxes and transport this debris by truck to either the Canyon landfill or Pampa landfill.   That would obviously be more expensive to do that but, that is an option we may have to look at. "  Said Fire Marshal Danny Richards.

        Richards says there will be a lot of activity in the affected areas and residents need to exercise caution while cleaning up.

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