"The Blacklist" Returns

(NBC)  As "The Blacklist" wrapped its winter season James Spader's character Red Reddington survived a betrayal by his closest confidante, Dembe.

When the show returns tonight in back-to-back episodes, Dembe has fled, and coerced a task force member into helping him.

"It's a very cathartic time in terms of what's happening in Reddington's life, and therefore, everyone in his sphere of influence," Spader says.

That includes Elizabeth Keen, still sharing that mysterious connection to Reddington, while also cultivating an all new relationship with her newborn child.

"Now, she's fighting for something that's tangible.  That she knows well, that's in her life.  That's the safety of her child and the life she wants to give that child," actress Megan Boone says.

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