Texas Transportation Commission Approves Dalhart Bridge Project


DALHART -- The Texas Transportation Commission approved $8 million of the estimated $10.5 million construction cost for lowering US 87 under the UPRR overpass.

This action is part of an on-going process and commitment from the Texas Department of Transportation to act upon requests from the legislature, community leaders, public and local transit authorities to identify those projects that will improve mobility across Texas.

Identifying this project as a priority demonstrates the understanding that rural Texas has been, and continues to be, a vital piece of our state's transportation puzzle,” said Commissioner Fred Underwood, Texas Transportation Commission. “This project will allow citizens to have greater connectivity and a safer roadway. I'm pleased to see it moving forward.”

The newly funded project will utilize the just approved $8 million with an additional $2.5 million provided by the Amarillo District of TxDOT to increase the vehicle clearance under the rail overpass from the current 13 ft. 7 inches to approximately 15 feet 6 inches.

This will allow higher profile vehicles and commercial traffic coming from US 54 and US 87 to use the underpass, avoiding a lengthy alternate route. 

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