- AMARILLO -- New unemployment numbers show Amarillo and Texas, as a whole, continue to show strong growth.

        The unemployment rate for Texas remains the same for February at 5.7%.

        Amarillo has the third lowest rate in the state at 4.2%.

        While the unemployement rate stays the same, Texas is one of only two states considered to be fully recovered from the great recession.  New York is the other.

        Texas added 37,600 jobs last month.  Most of which came from the professional and business services.

        While those numbers are below expectations, the overall job growth in Texas since 2011 has been very strong.

        The oil and gas industry a big part of that recovery.

        Economist Karr Ingham says new ways of extracting oil and gas has helped Texas' economy.

        "Hydraulic fracturing was developed in the lab known as the great state of Texas.  This form of drilling has allowed the state to produce  higher amounts of crude oil now than since probably around 1980."  Ingham said.

       The Texas oil and gas association says the industry directly employed more than 400,000 people last year.

        Hydraulic fracturing, known as fracking, doesn't come without controversy.  Critics of the process claim fracking can pollute water supples and cause earthquakes.

        Texas' job creation numbers last month are second only to California.

        Overall, 33 states added jobs in February.

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