Teammates and Friends Remember ReAnna Wilson

Canadian Teen Killed by Train Saturday Afternoon

CANADIAN, TX - The community of Canadian gathered together this week to remember ReAnna Wilson, a teenager killed by a train Saturday night in Hemphill County. 

Wilson, 13, was a star athlete. She played several sports for Canadian Middle School, including: track and basketball. 

"I don't think she had any idea how good an athlete she really was," Coach Garrison Jones said.

Coach Jones often had Wilson on his teams. He said she was always ready to work.

"Every day she wanted to get better," Jones said. "Not only for her but she knew it would help the team. That's what she was always about, helping the team."

Teachers said Wilson was also a star in the classroom. Erin Waters, Wilson's 7th grade English teacher, said Wilson was everyone's friend and she was always willing to help others. Waters said Wilson 'was a pleasure to have.'

"ReAnna had beautiful ideas," Waters said.  "[She] had a way with words that really kind of surpassed her peers in a lot of ways." 

To Wilson, her friends and teammates were like her family. And she was important to them. 

"She was lovely," Luz Rosales said. " She was hilarious and funny and smart...And she just made me feel loved." 

Rosales had known Wilson the longest. She said they met at school seven years ago. 

Rosales said this week has been tough on Wilson's parents and her older brother, Cameron, who she adored. 

"I know they are trying to act strong but I can just see it in her face she just wants to cry," Rosales said. 

Despite the pain, Wilson's teammates shared some of the happy memories they had of their friend. 

"She just always said like you turn around in class and you make eye contact with her and she started doing this little dance," Tinley Pennington said. "Make direct eye contact with you."

Classmates wrote notes to Wilson and taped them to her locker. Wilson left a few necklaces in her school locker. The girls said they now wear them in honor of her. 

Wilson's friends and family say they want others to learn from this tragedy. They ask everyone to  always be careful wherever they go, do not let the little things distract you  and if possible always travel with a friend

Both the Hemphill County Sheriff's Office and BNSF are still looking into the accident. Sheriff Nathan Lewis said they are waiting to review camera footage from the lead locomotive.

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