Teacher of the Week: Ms. Manley

CANYON-- Through rain, wind, sleet and snow, this Teacher of the Week cannot be beat.  Ms. Manley is no rookie.  She's been teaching for 33 years, and despite her veteran status, she never ceases to enchant and enrich her young Sundown Lane Hawks.

The catalyst that won her the award this week? According to a parent, during the cold, snowy weather, Ms. Manley carried each one of her kiddos out to their rides home.  She said, "I just didn't want them to blow away or fall into a snow drift."

 And today she taught me an important lesson... When all seems lost and you're just having one of those days... You should always sing and play dress up.

If you'd like to nominate a teacher for Teacher of the Week, send an email to comments@kamr.com.

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