TB Testing at Fannin Middle School

It was a day of testing at Fannin Middle School, but not academic testing.

May 27, all students and faculty at Fannin Middle School were tested for Tuberculosis.

It's an update to a story we first reported last month.

You'll remember the testing comes after a student tested positive for TB in early April.

250 students and staff were tested after they in contact with that positive case.

Out of the 250, a little less than 15% tested positive for TB exposure.

Because that percentage was higher than the health department expected, they decided to test all the students and staff.

Officials say the original case is fully recovered, but testing the entire Fannin campus is a safe next step.

We talked with a grandparent and father who tell us they're glad they're testing everyone, one saying they should have done it sooner. 

Mary Hawkins says, "I think it's a good thing they're testing.  My granddaughter is a good friend of the little girl who came up with it a couple of months ago. "

Will Kemph says, "TB testing, they didn't do it quick enough, I think.  With the rash that the TB, as far as it can spread, it would have been nice to know if they wouldn't done it a little quicker."

Officials want to remind parents, both active and dormant cases of TB are both treatable and curable with medicine.

If a student tests positive, officials tell us the health department will pay for the treatment.

Amarillo ISD tells us they will have the results of all of the TB tests this May 29.

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