Tapping Into the Record Books

- AMARILLO -- They call themselves one of Amarillo's best kept secrets, but a run at a record could put a local restaurant on the national radar.

The I Don't Know Sports Bar and Grill has been around for a couple years now, but that clever name is making a name for itself in the beer industry.

I Don't Know currently has around 220 beers on tap.

We talked with the owner who he started the restaurant with 100 beers on tap, but 100 became 200, which grew to 220, with more slated to be on tap soon that could set records.

"Now we're right at 220 beers, so we're gonna go ahead and hit 250 beers here before September first hopefully," said Dennis Paetzold. "We'll just contact Guinness Book of Records when we get there and find out."

Interestingly enough, while you can buy some rather potent IPA's from IDK's, you can't buy any liquor.

The restaurant doesn't yet have it's liquor license, but Paetzold says the process has begun, and they expect to be selling liquor by September first.

The current record holder is the Yard House restaurant in Long Beach, California. They have an estimated 235 to 250 beers on tap.

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