Tanning Salon Owner "Tanning Prevents More Than 100 Diseases"

AMARILLO -- Anyone who has driven down Bell and Hillside may have noticed a couple of sings near Neon Sun Tanning Salon.

One says tanning prevents more than 100 diseases, including skin cancer and the other says the mortality rate is cut in half for people who tan.

Salon owner Blake Goldston says these statements are cited facts.

He claims the World Health Organization as well as several others, including the CDC have no specific research linking indoor tanning and skin cancer.

Neon Sun owner Blake Goldston says, "The best way to get Vitamin D is to just come and tan maybe a couple, three times a week, you'll have adequate levels."

It's a controversial topic, one Amarillo Dermatologist says is incorrect.

Dr. Liliana Proffer says, "There is evidence to show that oral supplementation or diet supplementation gets your Vitamin D requirements.  I find that highly irresponsible to say you need to go tan to get your Vitamin D production."

Proffer says skin cancer is a nationwide epidemic and says she's seeing more young people develop skin cancer. Those cases are directly linked to tanning both inside and outdoors.

You may have seen a recent statement released by the Surgeon General saying skin cancer is a "major public health problem" saying indoor and outdoor tanning is a major cause.

According to the Surgeon General, skin cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in the US and most cases are preventable.

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