Swisher Jail

By Kelly James | kjames@kamr.com

Published 08/01 2013 10:21PM

Updated 08/02 2013 02:58PM

        TULIA  -- The Swisher County jail will remain open, at least for now.

        As KAMR NBC 4 / KCIT Fox 14 first reported last month, the jail was in danger of being closed by the Texas Commission on Jail Standards (TCJS) for inadequate staffing.

        The TCJS found Swisher county was in violation after an inspection last month found inmates were inproperly supervised.

        The county judge and sheriff testified Thursday they have fixed the under-staffing problem.

        The commission says in the future, if the jail is found to be non-compliant, they will be ordered to shut down or reduce the inmate population until they are.

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