Summer School: Doctors In The Making

(NBC News) Teenagers often spend the lazy days of summer lounging by the pool or maybe earning some spending money by delivering pizzas or babysitting.

That's child's play for a select few who are using their free time learning to become doctors.

"I kind of just want to speed it all up and become a doctor already," says Kristin Davis. 

She's getting a big jump start at the Cedars-Sinai Simulation Center in Los Angeles.

It's part of the National Youth Leadership Forum on Medicine, an Envision summer program bringing together thousands of hopeful young doctors.

It's some of the best hands-on, high-tech simulation anywhere in the world.

The kids learn the basics of CPR and get their hands on advanced surgical tools like the Da Vinci robot.

"That's a very unique thing that people never get the chance to do," says Cedar-Sinai's Russell Metcalfe-Smith.  "You can see the excitement in their eyes, you can see how this is something that really inspires them."

About 2,000 fully-trained doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals use the Cedars-Sinai Simulation Center every month as well.

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