Young Musicians Develop Talent

"If I had it my way, I would have kids start music Pre-K; Kindergarten through 12 really. It's just so vital." As Director of the Amarillo Symphony Youth Orchestra, Alejandra Alderete is helping young musicians maximize their musical experience. "It's really good for the heart and the mind and it's something that you can carry with you the rest of your life."
Each year, ASYO invites outstanding musicians from across the Panhandle to come together for a series of rehearsals and performances.
Mady, Anna and David are all, a part of this year's group.
"My teacher told me that they had too many violinists and I went over to the viola line and tried out a viola and it fit and I loved it."
"Originally, before I got started in the symphony my dad was a conductor, and it was a good experience for me."
"In sixth grade I started playing classical music and I started viola because I didn't know what it was and I fell in love with it."
Though their beginnings were different, their love for music has brought them together, and the harmonies and melodies played one note at a time are helping to create life-long friendships 
"I look forward to mingling and playing with people who share a common passion. When I joined the symphony it hit me that there's some really hard pieces out there but once I got into the feel of it and got with some other people who played with me, it was really easy and really fun. it's just a matter of adapting."
The symphony also allows students to broaden their musical horizons.
"We get to play challenging repertoire that we don't usually get exposure to in normal school orchestras."
This year, their musical educations will start even earlier, thanks to the Preparatory String Program.
"With the Preparatory String Program it is huge in the spring. We're expecting a lot of kids because this is the semester where we open it up to the 5th graders. It's a very exciting moment. It's something you can enjoy and share with others. That's the whole reason why we do it."

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