What We Love: Goldie and Song Covers

Goldie CableKeeps™ give your dull white iPhone™, iPod™, of iPad Mini™ charger some added personality and utility. They secure your USB docking cable to Apple™ power adaptors so cable & charger stay together. The intuitive design will keep your cables tangle free when shoved in a bag, pocket, or purse and can shorten and organize when plugged in the wall. Goldie can also be used as a charging pedestal.

Quietdrive has covered Cyndi Lauper's Time After Time, which was originally released in 1984. In 2006 the band released their cover to nationwide radio play. The song is also used for the WNBA "Have you Seen Her?" advertising campaign. The song became a minor hit on pop radio, hitting number 25 on the syndicated american top 40 Countdown Show. It was also featured on the soundtrack of the 2006 feature film, "John Tucker Must Die." The song was also featured in the trailer to the 2008 remake of the film "Prom Night."

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