What We Love: Coffee, Cakes and Brewing Companies

Meaghan Loves Cakes Under the Influence
Prices range from $20 to $250

The brand offers kits that help consumers create delicious tasting and impressive looking sweets like an Apple-tini, Minty Mojito, Pina Colada or Champagne Mimosa. The kits provide an alternative to traditional cupcakes. Sweets made with Cakes Under the Influence Kits have concentrated adult flavor, inspire new creativity, are fun to present and share, and can often have fewer calories than the sugary frosting laden concoctions.

Bakers can choose one of several kits to get started - or create their own. Kits can be configured with a choice of six different shaped baking molds along with matching baking papers and crystal looking stemware made of clear acrylic. Consumers can also add-on additional molds if they want to expand a particular kit.

The kits use existing muffin pans. Instead of creating new trays that are bulky and difficult to store, the company provides food safe silicone mold stands that rest inside an existing muffin tray. Plus consumers can use different molds in the same tray. For instance they may host a baking party. Each guest could use a mold of their choice but have it bake on the same tray.

To help inspire home bakers the company provides a smartphone app with dozens of recipes. Users of the app can choose between lo-proof and hi-proof versions that change the amount of cocktail flavoring used in the cake. They can also use the app or website to rate recipes and submit their own recipes. The app is free to kit buyers and is available on Android phones and tablets with an iOS version coming shortly.


Kayla Loves Eight O'Clock Dark Italian Roast Coffee
DARK ITALIAN ROAST: From Latin America to East Africa, the blend is crafted from strictly high grown premium 100% Arabica beans. Their darkest roast delivers strong aroma and subtle flavors of chocolate and caramel with a bold, full-bodied finish.

Tasting notes: Bold, chocolaty and full bodied

Andy Loves Oak Creek Brewing Co.
Located in the heart of Sedona's breathtaking red-rock country. 

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