Ways to Avoid Being a Helicopter Parent

- We all know one of those parents out there--maybe you are one yourself-- that is constantly protecting a child.  We call them helicopter parents, and Belinda Palacios has some reasons why this probably isn't a good thing.    

Some parents will do everything possible to prevent their child from being uncomfortable.  They do not allow natural consequences when it comes to grades, sports, behavior or conflict with peers.

Part of development and learning is failure and figuring out how to come back from that along with  how to avoid it in the future. Kids need to learn they will not always win or start at the top.  Life does not hand out the participation trophy.  Kids who are protected from natural consequences tend to have more difficult time transitioning to young adulthood and taking on adult responsibility. 
 Being allowed to fail and experience discomfort provides a transition from the developmental level of dependent to independent.

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